Welcome to Team Thulu

Thulus are a collection of 4500 unique monsters
Each Thulu is randomly generated
Come be part of the team


What is the total supply?

A total of 4500 unique Team Thulu NFTs will be created. The team will set aside 50 NFTs for promotional use.

When will Team Thulu Launch?

Our launch takes place February 17th at 8PM UTC

Why Team Thulu?

Team Thulu is an NFT project on Cardano bringing this very popular art style to the blockchain. When you own a Thulu you’re apart of our team, meaning that the community is our priority. We set our supply to 4,500 because we want to build a strong community and be able to send our Thulu’s demand way up.

What does my Thulu get me?

Your Thulu get’s you the coolest PFP in the space, access to all future merch, access to all future drops and collabs.

How can I purchase a Team Thulu?

Our drop will be discord exclusive, please look out for announcements to keep up with our minting instructions.